Nightwear & Loungewear: Taking Your Pleasure Seriously

Written by Babs Odunlami

In the words of the legendary Charles Eames, “Take your Pleasure Seriously”. For most men, work/life balance is at best an elusive ideal and at worst a complete myth, ultimately leaving little time for relaxation. 

Most men are comfortable unwinding in sports or leisure wear. Whilst there’s no rule book that forbids wearing such attire while relaxing, more so bearing in mind that the last thing a man wants to worry about after a tedious day is what item of clothing he relaxes in, it is worth mentioning that relaxing in appropriate attire will not only contribute to how well you rest but in turn also how quickly you recover to tackle subsequent days.

For avowed believers of dressing in appropriate garments when out and about, sleeping in comfortable nightwear or relaxing in appropriate loungewear is equally as important as doing battle in the boardroom wearing bespoke suits.

Highly recommended is a well-tailored pyjama set like Derek Rose, a quintessentially British lifestyle brand specialising in luxury nightwear and loungewear. 

For men who enjoy lounging in style, a piped shawl collar dressing gown is an equivalent to a favourite outdoor-coat. Merging classic styling with quality fabrics and design, Bonsoir London make some of the best dressing gowns on this side of the pond. With a tailored fit, a dressing gown can be layered over pyjamas for a relaxed afternoon catching up on your favourite periodicals. 

Whether it’s a well-deserved rest or just pure relaxation, it’s only appropriate to do so in the right garment.


Classic Fit Pyjama: Derek Rose

Jacquard Dressing Gown: Bonsoir London

Babs Odunlami