Stòffa: Beauty and Functionality in Equal Measure

Written by Babs Odunlami

Photography by Stòffa

The Menswear industry has enjoyed unprecedented growth in recent past. A growth that can be partly attributed to the emergence of social media which allows men discover a variety of brands and perhaps men purely changing their attitude with regards appearance. 

In an industry littered with a myriad of offerings, a brand like Stòffa isn’t only a welcomed addition, but also a breath of fresh air for discerning men who are looking for quality products at the right price.

Stòffa is a brand that subtly stands out in its own right, carefully balancing beauty and functionality in equal measure. Hallmarks of the brand are their designs which are characterised by clean lines, colour harmony, tone and texture, all carefully choreographed of course by its founder’s (Agyesh Madan) vision of relaxed elegance.

The resounding success and popularity of Stòffa among the sartorial esoteric can be largely associated to their interesting business model. Stòffa operates entirely out of trunk shows without any wholesale or retail asides the pop-up store that ran for a while in New York. This business model cuts out the need for large stock inventories and provides a platform for a more intimate customer service.

Agyesh travels regularly to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Stockholm. More recently, London has been added to that punishing itinerary but I guess this is a sacrifice that has to be made to grow a brand organically. Trunk shows are held several times a year on an average of 6-8 weeks intervals which allows for speedy turnaround times for a made-to-measure service of such impeccable quality.

The philosophy of Stòffa’s collection is centred on "simplicity of design", "versatility of style" and "quality of product". All 3 of these attributes espouse effortlessly, resulting in a holistic design range so verstile that one can easily build an entire wardrobe from their collection as all items and colours pair up seamlessly…. something Stòffa portrays intelligently in the imagery on their instagram feed. 

Some of their most appealing pieces in my opinion are their range of MTM Flannel trousers and Suede 002 Flight Jacket, both which I had commissioned in the pale sand colour and will review in a separate post. Also worth mentioning is their intelligently designed rollable felt hats which alleviates the common gentleman’s dilemma of traveling with such a functional accessory.

Much more can be written about this brand, but core to my deeply rooted affinity for Stòffa is their ethos which isn’t dissimilar to my approach and outlook to style; “Beautiful products - designed thoughtfully, produced responsibly, presented graciously”.

  • Suede and wool outerwear from $1400 to $2200.
  • Trousers from $275 to $450.


Stòffa Ready to Wear Items