Black Eyewear: Homage to the Bold and Iconic 50's Eyewear Styles

Written by Babs Odunlami

Photography by Jessica MacCormick

I have an unbridled penchant for things that are simple, timeless and intelligently made. An attribute shared by Robert Rope, founder of Black Eyewear, a brand I’ve been associated with for some time now. 

Robert’s  vision was simple, “to rescue the bold, simple and iconic eye-wear styles from the 50’s. Styles mainly worn by jazz artists, a genre of music that is close to Robert’s heart and it suffice to say their designs reaffirm the relationship between fashion and music as branches of art. 

When I was recommended with the need to wear prescription glasses, I wanted an eye-wear representative of my personal style, something that espouses simplicity, individualism and oozes character. Something versatile enough to be worn smartly or with casual wear. I visited their Goodge street atelier to try on some of their designs and was instantly worn over. 

I wear the Cannon Ball range named after the legendary "Cannon Ball Adderley”. This design features a solid quadra frame with a wide fitting bridge which sits very well on my nose. It frames my face distinctly, highlighting my facial bone structure. 

Be reminded that your face is the first thing people observe when they meet you before your shoes of course. So it might be worth investing is quality eye-wear as they are as significantly important as good pair of shoes. 

Their ranges come in a wide spectrum of colours but I favour the Cannon Ball in "Matt Amber Havana" as my everyday eye wear. It pairs up seemlessly with most colours of garments yet subtly commanding its own presence within my entire ensemble. The array of compliments I get wearing this eye-wear is unfathomable. 

I also own the two-tone grey and crystal clear colours from this range which I pair with more formal attires and dinner wears.

It is worth mentioning that their entire range also come as sunglasses so you don’t have to wear prescription glasses to enjoy these rather unique range of eye-wear. However, if you wear prescriptions, they provide services to produce your optical prescription into your chosen frame. Mine are fitted with transition lenses to serve a the dual purpose of correcting my shortsightedness while protecting my sight from UV rays.

It is always refreshing to find these beautiful and niche brands that breathe life into what can be termed by many as mundane. A slice of serendipity I’ll say.


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