aTribeCalledStyle” is a men’s Style & Lifestyle blog which lends itself as a platform for information and inspiration to gentlemen globally whilst also providing niche wardrobe consultancy services.

The blog aims to provide honest and adept journalism in a time where men have access to a plethora of platforms that also write on similar topics, all of which are not particularly discerning. Also, we'll adopt an objective rather than a subjective approach in doing so.

Driven by his passion, along with a deeply rooted affinity for quality menswear and style, "Babs Odunlami", a London-based budding men’s stylist founded the website. A project manager by day, he works with some of "City of London’s" top tier financial institutions proffering bespoke project management solutions. 

Babs has also been interviewed and featured for his personal style by one of UK's leading independent eyewear brands "Black Eyewear".

He currently lives in London with his French Bulldog Missy.